Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences ›› 2020, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (7): 487-493.DOI: 10.5246/jcps.2020.07.046

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Preparative separation of high-purity troxerutin and related substances from mother liquor of troxerutin by silica gel column chromatography and semi-preparative liquid chromatography

Shaojing Liu1,2,3, Bei Qin1,2*, Hongfang Han1, Li Li1,2, Lili Yu1,2, Xiaojing Xu1,2   

  1. 1. College of pharmacy, Xi’an Medical University, Shaanxi 710021, China
    2. Institute of Medicine, Xi’an Medical University, Shaanxi 710021, China
    3. College of Chemical Engineering, Department of harmaceutical Engineering, Northwest University, Shaanxi 710069, China
  • Received:2020-01-02 Revised:2020-02-15 Online:2020-07-31 Published:2020-04-12
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    Shaanxi science and technology hall project (Grant No. 2018JM7060); Provincial Key Discipline Construction Project of pharmacy of Xi’an Medical University (Grant No. 2016YXXK08).


Troxerutin (TRO) is a mixture of semi-synthetic flavonoids prepared by hydroxyethylation of rutin, and it is commonly used for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. The main active ingredient is trishydroxyethyl rutin. The mother liquor of TROcontains a lot of TRO and other derivatives of hydroxyethylated rutin. In order to make full use of the mother liquor of TRO, an efficient method was developed for recovering high-purity TRO from mother liquor of TRO by combining silica gel column chromatography with semi-preparative liquid chromatography. In the silica gel column chromatographic separation, the ratio of silica gel to sample and eluent composition were investigated to obtain optimum separation effect. The results showed that when the ratio of silica gel to sample was 50, and acetoneethyl acetatewaterglacial acetic acid (10:10:3:1, v/v/v/v) was used as the eluent, the separation effect of TRO and adjacent impurities was good. Moreover, 150 g ofTRO with a purity of 80% could be obtained from 1 kg of mother liquor of TRO by the silica gel column chromatographic separation, and the results were consistent with the quality standard of TRO raw material. Subsequently, the semi-preparative HPLC was performed, and 100 g TRO with a purity of up to 98% (w/w) was obtained. Meanwhile, tetrahydroxyethylrutin and tetrahydroxyethylquercetin with purity greater than 98% were obtained. This work proposed the separation and preparation of TRO with high-purity from the production waste of TRO for the first time, which had certain environmental benefits and economic benefits. 

Key words: Mother liquor of troxerutin, Troxerutin, Silica-gel column chromatography, Semi-preparative HPLC, NMR

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